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Alexander Lee Eusebio a.k.a. XANDER - Original U-KISS member FAN ♥ Like it or not... \m/(=v=) [Don't ask me if I'm the REAL one or not~ cuz I AM!!!]
♥ 3rd Wave ♥ Xander Kpop ♥ 988 fm ♥ 3 Peas in A Pod ♥ Allen Kibum

12 /  pops in seoul moments
kevin’s nails get painted


Feel Korea 2K13 in Vancouver, Dinner date w/ Xander 13th Sep 2013
I’m in the striped shirt :)
The best day in my kissme life ♥
And here’s a short glimpse of a video I took before Xander did Gwiyomi!
Here’s my fanacc. btw!


Xander & Kevin ♥

11 /  pops in seoul moments
xander is getting old

10 /  pops in seoul moments
when xander compliments kevin


Xander's Good Night Wish (っˆヮˆ)っ


Omnomnom U-KISS (っˆヮˆ)っ


xander0729: Fixing my hair before going to……BED. Wow, so vain. Good night honey.emoji#xander #blackhair #innocentboy #vainity #tired #bedtimemessage#watchthisbeforeyousleep #hopeyouhaveaSWEETdream


3RD WAVE Music with Brian Joo, Xander, Lim, Johnny Lee, Menya - “Coming to the Cross” at Abundant Life Festival in Chiang Mai!


xander0729: Passing by the “Firecracker/Firework Zone” makes me paranoid… with fire-trucks, ambulances, first-aid team, etc all stand-by. What if a firework mistakenly fall on me and BOOOOM!?!? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! LOL #macau #taipa#firework #firecracker #chinesenewyear #cnyspecialty#richpeoplebuyingcolorfulexplosives #artofburningmoney #boooooooom